Latin lovers from Acapulco

Acapulco is a place that almost everybody heard about. It was THE place to be at back in the 50‘s, 60‘s and 70‘s. All the famous people wanted to spend their holidays here, sitting on the beach sipping margaritas. And it’s here where the words “Latin Lover” were used for the first time. How is it possible? Let me explain.

Imagine a girl let’s say from the USA spending a day on the beach. She is on a vacation with her parents and she is really bored. But in the afternoon she spots a boy her age – good-looking Mexican, tanned, with black hair and black eyes. They start talking, they spend a lot of time together, they fall in love forever for the entire summer. After the summer is over she goes back home and with a smile on her lips tells her friends about the “latin lover” she met on holiday.

This boy could possibly be one of the famous clavadistas – the bravest boys in Acapulco. They are famous for jumping into the water. But it’s not that simple. They jump from a cliff that is 30 meters high into water that is only 4 meters deep.

Every evening they wait for the sunset so their show can begin. Many people come to watch them and are nervously awaiting for the boys to appear. First they come downstairs where all the people are standing and applauding. Everybody is a bit confused because the cliff is on the other side. “How are they going to get there?” they are asking. They enter the water, swim to the opposite side and they climb the rock as if it was the easiest thing ever. The people are already amazed, but the most impressing thing is yet to come. Nobody believes that they are going to jump from the very top. These boys are looking on the wide ocean and are waiting for the right wave to come. If it’s too big, they are risking their lives, if it’s small, they are still risking their lives. The wave comes and the first one jumps, people hold their breath and are applauding as the boy appears again. Then jumps the second boy, third, fourth, … and all of them look as if they were flying. They are jumping every day, it’s nothing special for them, but it’s something unbelievable for us.

Try to imagine that you can fly like a bird and you would feel so free.



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