Chloramphenicol 500mg - Medication Guide: Chloramphenicol

Bone marrow suppression severe Use of this medicine in patients having a suppressed bone marrow can lead to fatal adverse effects.


It could chloramphenicol to several diseases of the blood in such patients. This medicine should be administered with extreme caution in patients with bone marrow suppression.

Use should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. This is not 500mg exhaustive list of interactions.

Chloramphenicol 500 mg per tablet

Always inform your chloramphenicol beforehand about your medical history and current medications. Taking this medicine for the entire prescribed course is a must. The usage instructions mentioned tamoxifen 40mg hexal the label or the package insert should be strictly followed.

Show more Warnings for special population Pregnancy This medicine is recommended for use in pregnant women chloramphenicol when absolutely necessary and the benefits outweigh the risk associated with use. Use of this medicine in the late part of the third trimester is not recommended. Breast-feeding Use of this medicine by breastfeeding women is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. 500mg infant should be constantly 500mg for side effects.

Your doctor may ask you to discontinue breastfeeding while starting the treatment with this medicine. Black box warnings Serious and fatal blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, hypoplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and granulocytopenia, chloramphenicol 500mg, have occurred after short-term and prolonged therapy Monitor CBC frequently in all patients.

The dosing should be as small as possible and the patient should be frequently monitored. Vaccination Report the use of this medicine to the doctor if a vaccination is scheduled. This medicine can make the vaccination taken to prevent bacterial diseases ineffective and cause other complications as well.

Chloramphenicol capsules

Minor infections 500mg medicine chloramphenicol not be used to treat minor infections or infections where the causative organism is chloramphenicol identified.

Drug resistance It is recommended to complete the full course of treatment even when symptoms improve. 500mg to do so will result in the development of drug-resistant organisms and future treatment with the same medicine may become very difficult, chloramphenicol 500mg.


Long term use Long term and repeated use of this medicine should be avoided as the risk of getting a secondary chloramphenicol are 500mg high in such cases. Gray syndrome This medicine can cause symptoms like abdominal swelling, chloramphenicol 500mg, pale or blue skin, shock, breathing difficulties, low temperature etc when given to a newborn or an infant.

chloramphenicol 500mg

Use of this medicine should stop at the earliest to avoid fatalities. Blood cell count Use of this medicine can lower the count of blood cells and cause anemia, bleeding, infections etc. Any sign and chloramphenicol that is indicative of a 500mg blood chloramphenicol count should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Diabetes This medicine should be administered with caution in diabetic patients with frequent monitoring 500mg blood sugar levels, chloramphenicol 500mg, chloramphenicol 500mg. Contraception failure Chloramphenicol medicine can reduce the effect of hormonal contraceptives 500mg hence the risk of unintended pregnancies are high.

chloramphenicol 500mg

chloramphenicol Alternate means of contraception should also be used while taking this medicine. Pediatric use This medicine should be used with extreme caution in children, especially in infants. Constant monitoring is 500mg while administering this medicine.

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